Phileas Fogg

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A Chance Encounter by Felicia Angel
PG-13, Drama/Angst  
As Phileas waits to see if Jules will recover from a poisoning, he discovers they had met before.

A Great Adventure by Aces
G, Drama  
Phileas and Rebecca reflect on a friend bound for his greatest adventure.

A Matter Well In Hand by ladyaine
G, Humor
Phileas is getting way too much help with a personal problem.

A Tale Of Torture by Loralee Thompson
G, Humor
What happens when two ABS women get tired of Phileas running away and decide to do something, prompting a nightmare of a delicious kind.

Aftermath by Shadowfrost 
PG-13, Drama/Angst  
Phileas is driving himself to the breaking point trying to care for Jules after the writer is tortured. Can he help Jules recover his memory, or will the League end both their lives?

Bloodlines by Lona Jennings
PG-13, Action/Adventure
Count Gregory is meddling in our hero's love life.

Communion by Tweedledium
G, Humor/Drama
Young Phileas and Erasmus have a new and exciting element added to their lives.

Crown of Souls (Work in Progress) by Joanne M. Sudekum
PG, Action/Adventure/Angst/Drama
The League of Darkness has stolen an ancient evil artifact. Is it worth Phileas' life to get it back?

Damnation and Hellfire by Susan M. Garrett
PG, Action/Angst /Drama/Suspense
When Phileas begins changing his habits and acting mysteriously his friends try to find out what is going on.  Will what they find at the Hellfire Club get him and them killed?

Dark Heart, Dark City by FoggWing
PG, Drama/Angst/Action
Will a trip to a fabled lost city cause Phileas and Rebecca's destruction?

Departures by Kevin Schultz
G, Angst/Drama
Years later, we see the pain of unrequited love... or was it requited after all?

Diagnosis by Gaelle
G, Gen/Humor
A doctor from Bedlam Asylum attempts a covert evaluation of Phileas.

Disarmament Talks by Lona Jennings
Drama/Angst/Some slight het
Missing scene for 'The Victorian Candidate', Phileas attempts to recover after the incidents of 'The Victorian Candidate'.

Easter Fogg by Mara Greengrass
G, Gen/Humor
Why are Easter plans upsetting Phileas?

Ermintrude Heals A Rift by Mara Greengrass
G, Gen/Humor  
All this UST is getting on Ermintrude's nerves too.

Ermintrude Saves The Day by Mara Greengrass
G, Gen/Humor  
Even heroes have relatives, much as they might wish otherwise.

Ermintrude Strikes Again by Mara Greengrass  
G, Gen/Humor  
The gang is trying to catch a blackmailer, but relatives complicate the matter.

Flashbacks by Loch Ness
R, Drama/Angst
Phileas is still in the throes of whatever drug the League gave him in 'The Victorian Candidate'.  Will he recover or will his loved ones have to end his suffering?

Gambit by Loralee Thompson
PG, Drama/Angst
Fills in some gaps from 'In The Beginning'.  How did Phileas and Erasmus wind up in an ambush and what happened to an injured Phileas after Erasmus' death?

Jericho by Odensdisir  
PG, Drama/Angst/Het/Shipper  
An alternative ending for 'The Victorian Candidate'.  Will Phileas live through the effects of his brainwashing and if he does what will his life be like?

Jeux De Hasard by Susan M. Garrett
PG, Drama/Angst/Mysticism  
Phileas is an excellent gambler, but is the deck stacked against him when he plays against Death?

Jules Verne's Bogus Journey by Cheri
G, Humor  
Can Bill and Ted help save Phileas and company?  God help them all!  Sequel to 'Jules Verne's Excellent Adventure'.

Jules Verne's Excellent Adventure by Cheri
G, Humor  
Phileas and his companions meet Bill and Ted.  As Phileas might say, "Oh, Good Lord!"  

Late Night Drinking by Aces
PG, Drama  
Phileas must help Jules through the after effects of one of their adventures.

Machinations by Kevin Schultz
PG-13,  Action/Drama
A mysterious man with plans to change the worlds takes Rebecca and Jules captive.  Can Phileas do anything to rescue them and stop the madman?

Maurice by Adela Torres (Daurmith)
G, Action/Drama  
As the Foggs hurry back to Paris in a desperate mission, Jules receives an unexpected gift.

Meditations of a Dying Man by Harriet Vane
PG, Angst/Drama  
As Phileas lies dying, he muses on the effect his passing will have on his companions.

Memento Vivere by by Adela Torres (Daurmith)
PG, Angst/Drama
Phileas is lured to Prussia to recover a body said to be his brother Erasmus.  Is it, and can Phileas survive to bring him home?  

Mind Matters by Deriamne
PG-13, Angst/Drama  
Count Gregory has a plan he want Jules to work out.  If he succeeds, Phileas' life will never be the same.  If he fails, Rebecca's life will be over.

Missing Scenes and Epilogues by Zhaansacolyte
PG,  Angst/Drama 
1. Crusader in the Crypt
2.  Eyes of Lazarus
3.  Queen Victoria and the Giant Mole

Muskrat Manuscript by The VMM
PG, Humor/Angst/Oh, Everything!
SAJV meets 'Wind in the Willows'.  What started as an inside joke has blossomed into a virtual retreat.  What happens when you set up a very rare British country house pool-muskrat (Phileas) in a virtual mansion.

No Greater Love by Harriet Vane
PG, Drama/Action/Angst  
Rebecca is poisoned to blackmail Jules into joining the League of Darkness. Can Phileas save the day or will he die trying?

Nota Bene by Blue Fenix
R, Angst/Drama/Het/Romance  
The reappearance of the Phoenix from the future causes emotional turmoil for Phileas as he and his companions travel back in time to try to rescue an old friend.

Open Letter by Moonhart
G, Humor  
Phileas is forced to give the ladies of the ABS respect.  Sort of.

Phileas' Chair by Vita
G, Humor  
Will Passepartout's new invention be an instrument of torture for Phileas or will it turn him into a LA-Z-BOY?

Queen Mary Of Spies by Sherry Thornburg
PG-13, Adventure/Romance
A very manipulative and elusive traitor causes a marriage trap for Phileas to turn into a deadly matter for his would be fiancé.

Reclaiming Phileas by Vicci Varner
PG, Drama/Angst  
An alternative ending to 'The Victorian Candidate'.  Phileas is dying as a result of the machine Sir Nicol used to brainwash him.  Can his life and sanity be saved?

Requited by D. Vincent
PG-13, Drama/Angst  
Moments of Phileas' life and how they effect his relationship with Rebecca.

Revenge of the Words by Vicci Varner and Moonhart 
G, Humor  
Phileas seeks revenge against the ladies of the ABS.  Or is it Phileas?  If it is, what the heck is happening to him?

Ritmo Andaluz by by Adela Torres (Daurmith)
PG, Drama/Action/Shipper
A trip to Spain for horses is really a cover to stop the overthrow of a government.

Sympathy For The Vampire by Odensdisir
PG, Angst/Drama
Will Rimini be able to save Phileas from another Vampire?  Will he want to?

Sympathy For The Vampire: Echoes by Odensdisir
PG, Angst/Drama
A sequel to 'Sympathy for the Vampire'.  Phileas is dying half a world away. Can Rimini send him help?  What will be the consequences if he does?

Sympathy for the Vampire: The Road to Hell by Odensdisir
PG-13,  Angst/Drama  
The third in the series.  When Phileas and company find themselves lost in a blizzard, will the home they find be a safe haven or a hell for Phileas?

Tazelworm (Work in Progress) by Lona Jennings
PG-13, Drama/Angst/Humor  
Phileas pursues vengeance for the death of his father.  What role will Lazarus play in this pursuit?  

The Assignment (Work in Progress) by Cindy S. Roberts
PG-13  Action/Drama  
Phileas helps Rebecca by going on an assignment in which he will face his old nemesis von Kessler.  What danger lies in wait?

The Bonds of Isaac by Moonhart
This scene fills in some details of the final cell scene of 'Secret of the Realm' in a most moving way.

The Gift by Loralee Thompson
R,  Drama/Angst  
Phileas is tortured by Count Gregory.  Will he live and if he does what will his mind be like?

The Nature Of The Beast / Elegy by Jordanna Morgan
'The Nature Of The Beast' is a sequel to 'The Victorian Candidate'.
Self-doubts haunt Phileas in the wake of his ordeal in Scotland.
'Elegy' is an epilogue to 'The Nature of the Beast'.
The enmity between Phileas and Chatsworth takes an unexpected toll.

The Night Before (or 'Half a Decanter') by Mara Greengrass
PG-13, Drama/Angst   
Phileas' relationship with the bottle is getting much too close.

The Prayer by Jordanna Morgan
PG, Drama/Angst  
Phileas reflects on life, death and his relationship with Rebecca in this postscript to 'Secret Of The Realm'.

The Righting Of Wrongs by Kevin Schultz
PG. Action/Adventure
A visit from a legendary creature sends Phileas and company off on an adventure to the Arctic.

The Tale of the Very Large Bathtub by Odensdisir
R, Shipper/Humor/Angst  
Rebecca plots a humorous revenge against her husband, Phileas.  Will the result be comedy or tragedy?

The Talk by Cindy S. Roberts
G,  Drama  
Can a worried father keep his son from following in his footsteps?

The Valentine by ladyaine
G,  Drama/Humor  
Rebecca receives a valentine from a secret admirer.  Can she guess who it is from and how will it effect her future?

The Territory of Lies by Susan M. Garrett
PG, Drama/Angst  
Phileas is called to the Queen. Is it to tell him of Rebecca's death or will he find out something more unexpected?

The Twelfth Night Gift by Vita
G,  Drama  
The special meaning of the holidays is discovered through a gift of santons.

Threnody by Lona Jennings
PG, Angst/Drama  
Phileas' death is remembered.

To Everything There Is A Season by NubianGeek
G, Drama/Angst  
After 'The Victorian Candidate' Phileas looses his memory.  Will he find himself?

Traditions by Odensdisir
G, Angst/Humor  
Has Jules unwittingly opened an old wound for Phileas and Rebecca?

Trilogy by Aces
PG, Drama  
Three people, three points of view, one dance that reflects their lives.

Twilight by Kevin Schultz
PG, Drama/Action  
Passepartout has gone missing.  Can a very different Phileas, Rebecca, and Jules put aside the past to find him?

Under The Dragons Tail by Lona Jennings
PG-13, Angst/Action/Adventure
Sequel to 'Bloodlines'.  What are Count Gregory's plans for Phileas' child?  Can he be stopped and at what price?  

Walpurgisnacht by Odensdisir
PG-13  Drama/Angst
Phileas has been missing and presumed dead for months.  Can the arrival of a mysterious stranger on a bitterly cold, rainy May Day Eve solve the questions surrounding his disappearance?

Your Humble Servant  by Lona Jennings
PG-13, Drama/Adventure  
Will a dangerous trip across Siberia and time itself end in disaster?

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