Robin of Loxley

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A Private Moment by Leiasky
R, Humor/Het  
It is hard to get a moment alone with your wife when you are the King of Sherwood.

The Bittersweet Road to Freedom by Sammy B  Installment
PG13 –some mild sexual content, Romance/Humor/Angst  
An alternative ending to "The Greatest Enemy".  Someone has been watching Robin's career with interest.  Who is it and what will this mysterious person do when it is obvious Robin is doomed?

Broken by Leiasky  
PG, Drama/Angst  
An alternative ending to "The Greatest Enemy".  Would it be really better if the outlaws went to Robin's rescue?

Into The Hands Of Darkness by Leiasky  
R, Drama/Angst/Action  
Robin and Marion are injured and captured.  Can they be saved or has the Sheriff finally won?

Nothing Is Ever Forgotten by Josh Emmett
PG, Drama/Action  
An alternative ending to "The Greatest Enemy" and beginning for the third season.  Who is the hooded man and who are the new members of the band and how will they affect the future of the group?

Quality Of Life by Josh Emmett
PG, Drama/Angst/Action
Robin is captured.  Can he escape and if so will he be able to lead?

Robin and Morgan le Fey by Hester NicEilidh
R, Drama/Mysticism  
When Robin is severely injured, a mysterious woman comes to his aid and reveals some interesting secrets about him.

Shoot At The Moon by NorthernStar
G, Drama/Angst  
Robin learns to say goodbye.

Year King by Jackie Marshall
G, Drama   
Is it a vision or an actual trip through time when Robin meets King Richard...The Third?

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