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The Michael Praed Fan Fiction Site
is for archiving stories based on characters
Michael Praed has played.  
No stories about Michael Praed himself will be accepted.

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How To Submit A Story To
The Michael Praed Fan Fiction Site

Submission Guidelines

1. Only the author may submit a story.

2. To submit a story please follow the procedure listed below, including the Header Guidelines, and then mail the story as a 'text only' attachment to an email to . Please put 'Story Submission' in the subject line.

3.  Type your story using single space.  Double space between each paragraph. Do not use indentions at the beginning of paragraphs.

4. Please save the story as a text only file.  Not rich text.  If you have questions on how to do this, contact me at .

5.  In keeping with the founder's policy, NC-17 and slash will not be accepted.  The webmaster will be the sole arbitrator on any questionable material.

6.  The webmaster retains the right to correct spelling and punctuation errors before publishing the story.  Although a diligent effort is made to correct such errors, typos and oversights will crop up from time-to-time.


Header Guidelines

Title: Self-explanatory.

Author's Name: Self-explanatory.  Nom-de-plumes are fine.

Category: Please list all categories that apply.  (Examples of categories: Action, Angst, Humor, Drama, Gen, Het, Romance, Shipper, Tragedy, etc)

Rating/Warnings:  Use the movie ratings: G, PG, PG-13, R.  You may want to use a warning to explain why you are rating your story PG-13 or R.
For example: 'R, for violence, language, and sexual situations'

Summary: Usually a brief sentence or two will do.

Author's email: Please indicate if you want feedback and whether we can share your email address.  Email addresses are encrypted to cut down on spam.

Permission to archive: If you don't mind people posting your story on their website, say so and state your terms.  Otherwise, it is NOT okay for someone else to take your story from the Michael Praed Fan Fiction Site and archive it elsewhere -- and we'll say so.

Characters: List the original characters involved plus any additional main characters you may have created.

Spoiler warnings:  If your story relates to specific episodes or a previous story, please list it and give spoiler warnings, if necessary. If your story is a sequel or spoiler for another fanfic, don't forget to include that information too.

Disclaimer: A disclaimer will be added to all stories, but you can write your own if you wish.

Comments or Notes: Use if you need to provide any information not covered by this guide.

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