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Michael Praed Chest Hair Moments
A beautiful site full of wonderful pictures and artwork of that gorgeous actor,
Michael Praed

The Two Evil Monks
Those Two Evil Monks have more fun with video clips, audio clips, and screen caps than should be allowed by law!

The Book Of Knowledge
A repository for fiction based on The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne

His Majesty (Michael Praed)
Atsuko's wonderful site devoted to Michael.  It is in Japanese, but hey, just look at the guy!

His Majesty's Secret Agent
Atsuko's site devoted to The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, also in Japanese.

The Aurora Journals
A collection of Fan Fiction based on the series The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne

Robin Of Sherwood
Irina's wonderful site is in Russian but her love of Michael shows through.  
She has many wonderful pictures and animated gifs.

Michael Praed's Official Website
The official site for Michael Praed aimed at entertainment professionals, with news, filmography, photographs, reviews, and a bibliography.

Michael Praed's Fanfare
The official fan club site for Michael Praed with
news, biography, filmography, merchandise links, reviews, games and artwork.


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Thanks from Danaan

I would like to thank  Michael Praed for his wonderful acting that inspired all the stories on this site.   I would also like to thank  all the fantastic authors that contributed their works to this project.  I want to thank Vicci Varner for giving me this subdomain to house my little obsessions.  I also need to acknowledge all of her help on technical problems of a computer nature.  I am an artsy-fartsy type according to one friend and I have no real computer savvy. She also contributed stories herself.  I would like to thank Becky Christiansen for all the inspiration she gave me from her website The Two Evil Monks and for her constant moral support.   Thank you all for making this as rich a project as it is !

This site is maintained in loving memory of
Loralee Thompson (Danaan),
creator of the Michael Praed Fan Fiction site,
by her friends.


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